About me



My multicultural education in Argentina, Canada and Australia allowed me to have a broad view of society and culture.
I value functionality, cultural diversity, and honesty.

"When people like their jobs, they enjoy the work, they're more motivated and they perform better".
I am passionate about designing products that strengthen the relationships between people.
I have experience designing General Everyday Objects, Health Care, Packaging, Games, and Space Planning.


"Dalia was our best go to resource for outside design and furniture specifications. She always provided creative and concise consultation and was "speedy fast!". Dalia is someone I am confident in providing the level of service and results in our industry, truly a pleasure to work with."

"Dalia is respected by her co-workers for her professionalism. She is very well organized, diligent in her paperwork and able to establish and maintain appropriate working relationships with co-workers. She has good organizational skills and is able to communicate effectively and professionally with customers and team members at all levels."